We are very mindful of the Hahamonga Sediment Removal project and have relocated several activities away from Berkshire.  We will monitor closely the air quality and adjust accordingly!

The sports offerings will differ week to week and are dependent on facility and coach availability... please check schedules!  We will update them as we receive facility information.


Morning and Full Day campers may be dropped off between 8:00-8:30am in the La Canada High School's North Gym (the big dome gym) up the main steps.  Camp begins promptly at 8:30am.  Afternoon drop off is between 12:45 and 1:00pm. Parent and guardians must sign their children in with a Spartan Allstars Camp staff member.


Morning pick up is between 12:00-12:15pm at the Camp Store.  Afternoon pick up is between 4:30-5:00pm in the North Gym.  Campers picked up after 5pm will be charged $20.  After 5:30pm, the fee will increase to $50.

You may pre-purchase extended care (from 5-6pm) for $40 for the entire week.  The fees must be paid before the camper will be admitted the next day.


Please TEXT (818) 473-0005 at least TWO hours before intended pick up. Include campers name, group, and time. No early pick ups after 4pm.


Although we encourage Campers to meet and make new friends, we understand the benefits of already having a familiar face welcome you when you arrive.  Parents will be emailed a form to complete a week prior to each week enrolled.  Campers can request ONE friend each week.  To guarantee same grouping, that friend must also request your camper and birthdates must be within a year of each other.  No exceptions. 


Campers must wear comfortable, loose clothing that will allow for rigorous physical movement.  All campers must wear closed toed athletic shoes and socks.   All clothing must be free of profanity, advertisements for alcohol or illegal substances and generally in good taste.  No midriffs or cut offs please.   Sandals and /or flip-flops are only permitted when going to or from the pool.  Please no skirts.


Camp does provide basic sports items. However, Campers should bring swim gear daily.  In addition, they are permitted to bring their own personalized sports equipment: tennis racquet, baseball/ softball glove, cleats, shin guards, gloves, helmet, lax sticks, or bats.  The camp will not be liable for personal equipment items.  It will provide a secure location for valuables when not in use.  Check schedules to know what to bring.


There are 10-15 minute breaks between activities. Campers use this time to exchange equipment, eat a snack, and travel to the next activity. Lunch and rest hour is from 12:00-1:00pm. Students must bring a sack lunch with them every day. Staff cannot purchase food for students. There is no microwave or refrigerator. Campers are strongly encouraged to bring a disposable water bottle as water bottles are the most commonly "lost item." Items do get lost, so be mindful when sending expensive items.


The students will be dismissed one at a time to use the bathroom for safety reasons.


Campers may only bring any medication to the camp with a written note from their parent and or legal guardian (including Tylenol or Aspirin).  All medication (both prescription and non-prescription) must be in its original packaging.  The group leader will carry it in their backpack or in the office if temp sensitive.  It is understood that campers and not the staff are required to remember when they need to take their medication.  It is understood that severe allergies or other medical conditions must be fully disclosed BEFORE the child will be accepted into the program.  We do have a Camp Nurse on duty at all times.


Spartan Allstars is committed to keeping parents in the camp loop!  We have partnered with Kinderlime to provide a detailed check in and out system. 


It is understood that campers are to behave in a polite and respectful manner while at the Spartan Allstars Sports Camp.  Profanity, verbal disrespect, name calling, running away, etc. will not be tolerated.  Moreover, rough-housing of any kind is strictly prohibited.  When at camp, the campers must listen and follow staff instructions exactly.  It is understood that the parents will remind their children of the correct way to behave while in camp and if at any time they can no longer support the policies of the camp they are encouraged to withdraw their child.  Campers who repeatedly violate the rules and guidelines will be expelled without a refund.  Parents may not upbraid, insult or otherwise abuse staff and/or other campers.


Camp is a socially interactive and physically active experience.  If you are unsure if your child meets this criteria, has an IEP or 504, or takes medication please contact us.  By signing this doc, you are telling us your camper is fully fit to participate with no accommodations.  Please contact us if your child requires medication.

Students are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon to the camp (this includes Swiss army knives, etc.) Do NOT to bring cell phones, gaming systems, or other electronic devices which might become damaged, lost or stolen.  It is understood that the Spartan Allstars Sports Day Camp, its staff and subsidiaries, La Canada High School and its staff and the City of La Canada are NOT responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items which the students may elect to bring with them to the Spartan Allstars Sports Day Camp.

Although vending machines are on campus, we do not advise sending cash with your child as theft and loss are an unfortunate reality.  Spartan Allstars will host a cash-free Camp Store that sells healthier snack alternatives during breaks (Gatorade, granola bars, Sun Chips, fruit bars, etc.).  Camp Store is not intended to replace lunch.  Parents can purchase a "Camp Credit Card" with the campers name on.  Note- Parents can ask staff to place a spending limit per day- please tell staff when purchasing the card. If you purchase the Camp Store Card online with registration, a $4 per day limit will automatically be applied. $5- $20 Camp Credit Cards can be purchased during morning Drop Off or afternoon Pick Up. Cards cannot be redeemed for cash... so use them up!


There is a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit once signed up for Camp.

Starting May 8th, no refunds will be issued for any reason, however you may transfer between 2020 dates at no charge.

There are no make up days.



Over the next 2 weeks, we will issue refunds and credits as follows:

  • For Campers: Refund minus $75 non-refundable deposit per session. However, this non-refundable deposit will be converted into Spartan Allstars credit for any family member in 2021. The credit is stored on ActivityHero for your convenience.

  • For Junior Counselors: Refund minus $50 non-refundable deposit per session.  However, this non-refundable deposit will be converted into Spartan Allstars credit for any family member in 2021. The credit is stored on ActivityHero for your convenience. Please contact us if your youngest child is going into 9th grade next fall.


A schedule of camp activities will be posted prior to camp beginning.  Please make sure your child a lunch with plenty of snacks, a water bottle, swim gear (if at camp in the afternoon) and SPRAY sunscreen with your camper.  SPRAY sunscreen is preferred for quick and easy application.

Spartan Allstars primarily uses camper photos for the end of camp slide show which is posted on the website.  Photos may also be posted on the website or included on mailer materials.  Please email spartanallstarscamp@gmail.com if you do not want your child to be photographed.

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