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In order to become a Junior Counselor (JC), participants must be 13-14 years of age and entering 8th or 9th grade.

The purpose of the JC program is to give early teens the opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain work experience, and reinforce sports skills by teaching them to others.  The JC's will be assigned to work with Head Coaches, the Media Team, or a specific age group to teach campers basic game skills, be proactive, participate in and organize activities led by coaches.  JC's gain volunteer hours and learn valuable lifelong skills. They will also serve an integral purpose in the Camps' Special Activities. 


Please note- Although JC's are not technically campers and are transitioning into more of a leadership role, they are still young and under the supervision of the staff. JC's will be assigned to a group with whom they will remain the entire week. Only 2 JC's will be assigned per group. JC's should not expect to be assigned with their friends.  In fact, we find that it can be counterproductive in their leadership development. To gain anything from the program JC's are expected to participate, engage, and be proactive at their assigned location. JC's are expected to follow staff instructions and be at their designated location. 

The hours of the JC program are 8 am- 5 pm.  Drop off starts at 8:00 am and pick up by 5:00 pm. Tuition includes two JC shirts which must be worn daily. JC's are expected to actively participate in camp activities. 

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