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Camp Hours:

Full Day 8:00am-5:00pm

Morning Half Day 8:00am-12:30pm


La Canada High School

4463 Oak Grove Drive

La Canada, CA 91011

*Drop off is typically located at the 7/8 Turnaround off of Foothill Blvd. 

*Pick up locations vary by week. More information will be provided the week before Camp.


*The Camp Office is located at the LCHS Football Field Snack Bar which is conveniently located at the end of the 7/8 Turnaround.


Campers will then be divided into groups by age, grade, and in some cases by gender.

One week before Camp, we will send parents a Friend Request form to fill out. You may request ONE friend and they must be within one calendar year of each other.

*Note, the Basketball and Soccer/Futsal Camps do NOT have groups like the Sports Camp. No friend requests are needed.



What is Spartan Allstars?

Spartan Allstars introduces campers to a broad range of sports and activities, teaches children the value of cooperative team sports and sportsmanship, and encourages individual excellence in an atmosphere of healthy competition. Expert staff modify activities to enhance the individual skill level of both the novice and experienced campers. Special activities are speckled throughout camp to add variety and lasting memories.

Camp Activities:

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hip Hop, Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickle Ball, Pit Ball, Team Building,  Special Activities, Kickball, Castle Ball, Golf, Wrestling,Tennis, Lacrosse, Ping Pong, Baseball/Softball, Spike Ball, Team Handball, Futsal, Yoga, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Hockey, Court Games, Crafts, Martial Arts, Field Games, Rugby, Cricket, Fencing, Water Tag, Swimming.


*Activities vary week to week based on facility and staff availability. Please check "Camp Schedules" for most up to date weekly offerings.



Camper Ages:

Entering K and 1st: Mornings 8-12:30am

Entering 1st-7th grades: Full Day 8am-5pm

Junior Counselor Ages:

Entering 8th-9th grades: Full Day Only


Spartan Allstars offers several programs to meet your schedules. Be sure to check the Registration Page for more details of when each camp is offered.

1) Full Day Sports Camp (1st-7th Graders)

2) Full Day Junior Counselors (8th-9th Graders)

3) Morning Sports Camp (K-1st Graders)

4) Afternoon Sports Camp (7th-9th Graders)

5) Afternoon Basketball Camp (1st-9th Graders)

6) Full Day Combo: AM Sports Camp and PM Basketball Camp (1st-9th Graders)

7) Full Day Basketball and Soccer/Futsal Specialty Camps at Occidental College (2nd-9th Graders)



Spartan Allstars offers the most affordable and diverse sports camp experience in all of Southern California! No other camp offers the variety and quality we do.

Campers Full Day- $549

JCs Full Day- $399

Camper Half Day Programs- $399

Full Day Combo and Specialty Camps- $749

*Early Bird Discount- Jan & Feb (best of summer)

*Multi-Session and Sibling Discounts available starting in March.

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