We are very aware of the potential health impacts of the Hahamonga Sediment Removal, aka The "Big Dig" project.  The health and safety of Campers and Staff is our top priority!

We had NO reported incidents during the 2019 Summer related to the Big Dig.


What is the "Big Dig"

Run off from the Station Fire has brought over 1.3 million cubic yards of dirt into the Devil's Gate Reservoir in Hahamonga Park. This must be removed over the next four years to ensure the safety of those who live downstream of the Dam along the Arroyo Seco.  Diesel trucks will be hauling the dirt out between the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm daily with approximately 50 loads per hour running on Berkshire or Arroyo.

Concerned parents are working with LA County to reduce pollution and diesel emissions by making sure all trucks used are compliant and regularly tested based on the strictest standards possible. 

In addition, an independent 3rd Party (not controlled by LCUSD or La County) is being hired to monitor the Air Quality in and around Hahamonga Park including a sensor(s) on the LCHS Campus.  The real-time information from this sensor is available on the link below.




We will monitor real time sensor reports and if air quality levels EVER are deemed unsafe, activities will be immediately relocated indoors.

The diagram to the right shows where sensors have been placed. The job site gets real time information and addresses any spike immediately.

The County produces daily reports from all their sensors and published them on the link below. You can see the data from the start of digging to today.

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